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Fanfiction; HooBae or SunBae?

Fanfiction; HooBae or SunBae?

Poto Kim Taeyeon dan Kim Heechul, chultae, taeyeon bam bam heechul baekhyun


Characters: Kim Taeyeon, Heechul, Baekhyun, Bam Bam, Sunny, etc.

Tag: Kim Taeyeon, Taeyeon, Taechul, Chultae, Baekhyeon, BY, Taebam, Bamyeon, Bamtae

Status: completed (4 chapters)

Genre: friendship, romance


Chapter 1

Finally, Taeyeon could put her butt on the couch. She was happy because she could rest, but she was also sad because ending her activies meant loneliness. Yes, this was another day when she felt lonely. For her, in relationship or not was the same thing. Therefore, breaking up with Bambam this morning was something that she didn’t mind.

Recently… she felt like… she lost something precious.

She took one of magazines that informed her everything about music. Automatically, she flipped one page to another. A frown escaped from her forehead. It’s not just the fact that the magazine was old or out of date.

Taeyeon remembered one thing three months ago. Her dorm, the couch and the music magazine brought the memory. In that time, she heard foot steps. Rushing steps. Then, the opened door answered her question. There was Sunny, her fucking best friend.


Sunny stood, gasped and observed the girl who was flipping the magazine while nodding happily with her earphone hanging on. Taeyeon took a glimpse and patted the couch, so her best friend will join her . No response. Again, Taeyeon saw her.

Sunny was like a statue. At first, Taeyeon found it as a weird action. But she just smiled, put her earphone and walked toward her. She poked Sunny’s cheeks. Sunny blinked and Taeyeon winked.

“Am I a goddess?” Taeyeon teased, “You seem like a fanboy who meets with me, her idol.”

“For your information, I am a girl.”

“I know, no need to prove that,” Taeyeon chuckled, but she didn’t interested in continuing their conversation, “What bring you here? Where’s Heechul?”

Sunny looked at Taeyeon in disbelieve, “I’m running here when my class end and thinking you’ll need shoulders, hug or wise words,” she walked toward the couch and sit down, “Then here you go, you ask Heechul, instead.”

Should I say ‘sorry’, then?” Taeyeon and her heart were debating.

“I’m sorry,” she said clearly while following Sunny, “You called me ‘Taenggu’, anyway. And… it’s just weird.”


“Only Heechul calls me like that and… we have not meet yet for today.”

“Do you want to say something else?”

“Huh? ” Taeyeon rubbed her back next, tried to see what’s happening, “Oh, you said whether I need hug, shoulders or wise words. Why?”

Sunny didn’t replay. She shifted and brought her right hand to Taeyeon’s left chest. The latter just saw her best friend’s action. But she automatically yanked Sunny’s hand when her chest was pressed.

“Mine is perfect, thank you for the compliment,” Taeyeon held her minion pillow to cover her chest area, “But you should, at least ask my permission.”

Sunny laughed, “You’re so over confident. Mine is best,” she stopped and remembered the reason of her previous action, “I just wonder if your heart made by steel or iron.”

Taeyeon rise her left eyebrow, indirectly questioning her best friend for her statement.

“Seriously?” Sunny felt enough, “This morning you broke up with Baekhyun, Taeyeon! how could you be calm?”

“Oh, I…”

“Even listening to the music, flipping a magazine and humming the song!”

“I, Heechul…”

“Your eyes are still bright, no puffy or red eyes!”

“Err… I…”

“Your heart is so strong! Do you implant something to your heart or what?”

“Sunny, I…”

“WHAT???” suddenly Sunny heard and asked.

“Idon’tdoanyplasticsurgery, you know!!!” Taeyeon claimed quickly, “I’m a natural beauty and cuteness.”

They laughed together. Both Taeyeon and Sunny relieved that everything’s actually okay. Taeyeon finally know why her best friend acted like that. It’s just one of proofs that Sunny really cared for her. On the other hand, Sunny was sure that the breaking up was not influential to Taeyeon.

“Your love life is weird, Tae.”

Taeyeon shrugged, “Baekhyun shares love, I receives it. But I couldn’t share it back and automatically he didn’t receive the love that he needs.”

“To be honest, it’s a big deal.”

She really knew Taeyeon and Baekhyun relationship. Both of them were DJ in a famous radio. Baekhyun was her hoobae aka junior. Taeyeon accepted the boy because he had a crush on her for a long time. She wanted to appreciate and learn how to love him. But indeed, it wasn’t effective. Moreover, there were many fangirls and boys who loved DJ Baekhyun and they didn’t want their idol was stolen. They bashed Taeyeon, until Taeyeon’s fans were mad.

Fans war happened in the real or ‘internet’ world. Until Taeyeon had to say ‘sorry’ for… making the situation bad and also for making their idol happy (?). Taeyeon still remembered how mad Heechul and Sunny were. They didn’t want Taeyeon solved everything alone. For Taeyeon, it was the day when Heechul was really pissed off. She didn’t want it happened again. Never.

Chapter 2

ff taeyeon heechul, fanfiction taeyeon heechul bakhyun bam bam

Taeyeon groaned when someone poked her cheeks. Her eyes opened. She blinked while seeing the ceiling. It felt weird, until she was aware that she probably slept on the couch while remembering her breaking up moment with Baekhyun.

“De javu…”

“De javu what?” Sunny’s lip was really near her ears, so Taeyeon jerked.

“I could sleep forever if you scare me like that, Sunny!”

“Wake up, then,” Sunny gigled and put the magazine on the table, “Let’s go out!”

Taeyeon sat down, “Do you come here to soothe me after  breaking up with Bambam?”

“Nope,” Sunny’s face came closer, “I know you too well.”

Taeyeon couldn’t help, but smile. After separating herself from Baekhyun, she did anything as it used to be. She learned her department in college, broadcasting, and DJ-ing until evening. She busying herself, although her friends keep asking her out. Once she ever thought… if it’s Heechul who asked her out, may be her stubborness would give up.

It flowed day by day, until she’s aware with two things. First thing, she paid attention to her hoobae in campus and he was also her fanboy, Bambam. Before dating with Baekhyun, Bambam declared his self as her loyal fan. He keep sending gifts, liking all her post or pictures in social medias and writing tweets or post about his support for her. She’s thankful.

Second thing, she felt Heechul avoided her. No more lunch, dinner, hang out or spending time to watch a movie. It’s like… there was a wall named ‘busy activities’ between them. Taeyeon thought, Heechul was too focus with his work.

It continued. She was also killing the time by doing activities and responding her hoobae, Bam Bam. He was truly loyal. He didn’t care if Taeyeon was with Baekhyun or not. So, Taeyeon tried to open her eyes and heart to let Bambam in. Maybe, just maybe, the junior was her right person. But…

Taeyeon didn’t feel all things that Sunny told; heart beating rapidly when seeing or touching Bambam, feeling anger when he was with a random girl, missing his presence when they separated or just a random desire to think about him.

Finally, Taeyeon told herself that it was bad for her and also for him. They should break up. But she didn’t have a heart to end her relationship with Bambam. He was too kind and loyal. Moreover, they could manage it until 2 months, longer time comparing with Baekhyun.

But Taeyeon had to do it anyway. She preferred something hurtful in reality than something beautiful in fantasy. And, the decision made her feeling better. Especially when Bambam said,

“All right, I see, Noona.”

“I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay. Thank you for this great experience.”

Taeyeon smiled and said something that made the boy in front of her blushing, “You’re a wonderful person, Bam Bam.”

“May I have a request, Noona?”

Taeyeon’s gaze was too deep until Bambam bowed his head, “Sss… sure?”

In contrast, Taeyeon didn’t sure. She imagined the boy would asked her, “May I hug and kiss you, Noona?”. She didn’t want to do it. No when he had a special feeling, while she had not the same.

“Let me adore you? Forever, maybe?”

Taeyeon couldn’t help but reached his hand. She squeezed it and didn’t care with Bambam’s pale face. She mouthed ‘thank you’ and tried not to cry her feeling out. She just mesmerized with his consistency. If only she liked or loved the boy…

“Heechul is with our unnie, Son Dam Bi.”

Taeyeon was awaken from her day dreaming. No Bambam in front of her. There was just a voice, Sunny’s voice which told her…


Taeyeon widen her eyes. She repeated a light information that came from Sunny; Heechul is with Son Dam Bi.

Suddenly, she didn’t remember how to breath well. Inhale and exhale. Her mind was blank. She hoped all of this was just a dream, something that would fade away when she woke up. But her wish really flew when she screamed because Sunny pinched her nose.

So, I lost him. Didn’t I?” She asked her heart, “What the hell with me? Who am I for him?” once more, she asked her poor heart.

Chapter 3

taeyeon and sunny

Taeyeon really wanted to meet Heechul and talked to him about them, their relationship. Correction, their friendship.  But after hearing that Heechul was with Son Dam Bi, she didn’t want to do it anymore. That was the answer, why did their friendship break.

So she was too shock when Sunny dragged her to a cafetaria. There was a man back facing them. But from the gesture, she really knew who was him. He’s Heechul. So she stopped her pace beside Sunny.

“I want to go back, I’ tired…”

Sunny held Taeyeon’w wrist tighter, “Don’t be so rude!”

The more Taeyeon struggled, the more Sunny gripped tigther. Finally she gave up and let her butt touched a chair, facing Heechul.

“Hi…” Heechul greeted awkwardly, sensing something between them, “How have you been, lil sist?”


“Okay, I’m leaving. I have a date,” Sunny stood and announced them who have the same expression; shock.

Instead of freaking out, Taeyeon made herself calm. She stood and brought her mouth toward Sunny’s ear, “Don’t be so rude!”

Sunny chuckled. The way Taeyeon ordered had a purpose. It reminded her of herself earlier.

“Come with me…” she didn’t let Taeyeon asked a question until they reached a restroom.

“WHAT?” Taeyeon asked.

“I just want you and Heechul talk. That’s all, and you should thank me for this,” Sunny glared at Taeyeon but inhaled when the latter didn’t answer, “You and Heechul need to communicate.”

“We are busy.”

“Heechul is busy thinking of you in wrong way and so do you.”

“What? But how could…”

“I know you too well, my cute and stupid friend,” She cut.


“Seriously,” Sunny held Taeyeon’s hands, “I never got the signs that you’re in love, not with Baekhyun or Bambam,” She tapped Taeyeon’s shoulder, “You didn’t fit with them. When you guys walked hand in hand, people thought you guys are lost children who are trying to figure out the street, not a couple… yah!!!” Sunny rubbed her hands after Taeyeon pinched it, but they ended up laughing.

“I think so.”

“First, I thought you have to date a girl…”

“If you want,” Taeyeon smirked.

“No, thanks!” Sunny answered quickly, “I care of you, not obsessing to you,” she added in sincere tone. Taeyeon smiled and hugged her.

“Thank you,” Taeyeon said for Sunny’s caring.

“I thought again that you should stop dating underage boys,” Sunny managed to say while hugging Taeyeon and they giggled, “Try to date sunbae, will you?”

Taeyeon broke the intimacy, “Which Oppa?”

Sunny rolled her eyes, “The one out there,” She pointed her thumb toward Heechul direction.

Taeyeon pouted.

“You told me, Heechul is with Son Dam Bi.”

Sunny saw Taeyeon in amusement, “Look!” she directed Taeyeon’s face toward a mirror, “Your jealous face. This is cute, Tae! Finally…”

“Finally what?” Taeyeon tried hard to hide her red cheeks.

“Finally you’re in love for real and we aware about this now. Wow!”

Taeyeon leaned on to her best friend’s shoulder. Actually she hid her indirect confession. She, herself, didn’t know about her feeling until it revealed. She thought it when Heechul was away with her life.

“But… I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, Sunny,” her voice cracked, “I think he…”

If love is game which is played by two people, then they have to win together,” Sunny saw Taeyeon through a large mirror in the restroom, “You and Heechul have the opportunity to celebrated it together, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m not sure.”

“I see how suffer Heechul is when you’re in relationship with your hoobae,” they kept eye contact through the mirror, “He always talked about you to his best friend, Son Dam Bi, and she told me the whole story…”

“Wait, what?” Taeyeon jerked and made their eye contact real, “What’s the story?”

“Keep your eagerness,” Sunny fixed her collar, “The story is really long, but…”

“But?” there were sparkles in Taeyeon’s eyes.

“In short, he’s falling in love with you,” Sunny paused, “As you used to say, you want to feel… receiving and sharing love at the same time. I think it’s your great chance.”

Chapter 4

“I heard your breaking up news,” Heechul ended the awkward silence between them, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“You are happy, aren’t you?” Taeyeon teased.

Heechul met Taeyeon’s eyes, “Err… you… you’re too… too cocky, as usual.”

“So, how’s Son Dam Bi?” Taeyeon stir the straw in her glass, hiding her satisfaction because Heechul shivered and it convinced her that Sunny’s analysis was true. Heechul had a special feeling toward her, like herself.

Heechul didn’t rush to response it. After thinking fast, he answered, “If we are together, you are sad, aren’t you?”

“!” Taeyeon was taking a back.


Taeyeon stared at him. Heechul, who was aware with the situation, controlled his self. He stopped laughing and felt uncomfortable with Taeyeon’s eyes. Damn!

“It’s been a long time without your laugh, you know?” Taeyeon stated.

“I… err… yeah.”

Taeyeon chuckled, “A cat or a puppy?”

“A cat, of course!”

“Do you like kimchi fried rice?”


“How about kids?”

“Wh… I’m awkward with them!” Heechul shifted his position, “Why do you ask?”

“Just to make sure that you’re Heechul, the Heechul who I’ve ever known..” Taeyeon nodded and smiled, “Did me and you change? Because our relationship seems changed.”


She gave the sign to stop him by her hand. She also stopped asking after a waiter came and served their orders. The waiter talked to Taeyeon politely, offering his help if she needed it.

“What’s wrong?” Taeyeon saw Heechul frowning.

He smiled, fake smiled.

“Is he your next target?” He pointed the waiter using his head, “He seems young and cute, your ideal hoobae types.”

Taeyeon shook her head while saw Heechul drinking his lemonade, “I want to date sunbae, a matture and not cute man.”

Heechul coughed. Reflex, Taeyeon patted his back. When everything was okay, they sat down properly.

“I thought you’re a pedofil, so I never have a chance.”

“You and your wrong thought,” Taeyeon rolled her eyes, but her heart began beating, uncontrollable.

“Since when you could learn to like sunbae?” Heechul placed his hands on his thigh.

“Since the hoobaes didn’t make me falling in love toward them.”

Instead of giving response, he just remained silent and took a sip of his lemonade. Taeyeon could see the gulp.

“Don’t think hard…”

“I… you…”

“Yes? Us?” She pointed herself and himself.

He sighed, “Thanks to Sunny, we talked in the right time.”

“What do you mean?”

“So…” Heechul ignored the question because he was too fidgeting, “Is it true that… you like me?”

“WHAT? No! I never said that!”

Heechul bowed his head, “Sunny told it after I asked her opinion about my plan.”


“Taenggu~ ”

“What’s your plan?”

“Letting you go and learning how to love Son Dam Bi,” he said  as though Taeyeon was okay by hearing it directly.


“Son Dam Bi confessed to me. But I haven’t answer yet, because you bothered me…”

“Because you’re falling in love with me?”

Heechul widen his eyes, “I never confess it… yet, how could you assume like that?”

“Sunny told me!” She yelled and convinced her plan to kill Sunny with her bare hands, soon.

Heechul’s intonation was low, “I didn’t say anything to her, except the fact that…”


“That, I like you…” Their eyes met, “And I think it grows now,” Heechul breathed heavily, “I love you.”

Suddenly, Taeyeon cancelled her evil plan to Sunny.

~ The End ~

Author’s Note: FYI, it’s my first time. So, I’m sorry for everything.