Fanfiction; HooBae or SunBae?


Fanfiction; HooBae or SunBae?

Poto Kim Taeyeon dan Kim Heechul, chultae, taeyeon bam bam heechul baekhyun

Characters: Kim Taeyeon, Heechul, Baekhyun, Bam Bam, Sunny, etc.

Tag: Kim Taeyeon, Taeyeon, Taechul, Chultae, Baekhyeon, BY, Taebam, Bamyeon, Bamtae

Status: completed (4 chapters)

Genre: friendship, romance


Chapter 1

Finally, Taeyeon could put her butt on the couch. She was happy because she could rest, but she was also sad because ending her activies meant loneliness. Yes, this was another day when she felt lonely. For her, in relationship or not was the same thing. Therefore, breaking up with Bambam this morning was something that she didn’t mind.

Recently… she felt like… she lost something precious.

She took one of magazines that informed her everything about music. Automatically, she flipped one page to another. A frown escaped from her forehead. It’s not just the fact that the magazine was old or out of date.

Taeyeon remembered one thing three months ago. Her dorm, the couch and the music magazine brought the memory. In that time, she heard foot steps. Rushing steps. Then, the opened door answered her question. There was Sunny, her fucking best friend.


Sunny stood, gasped and observed the girl who was flipping the magazine while nodding happily with her earphone hanging on. Taeyeon took a glimpse and patted the couch, so her best friend will join her . No response. Again, Taeyeon saw her.

Sunny was like a statue. At first, Taeyeon found it as a weird action. But she just smiled, put her earphone and walked toward her. She poked Sunny’s cheeks. Sunny blinked and Taeyeon winked.

“Am I a goddess?” Taeyeon teased, “You seem like a fanboy who meets with me, her idol.”

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“For your information, I am a girl.”

“I know, no need to prove that,” Taeyeon chuckled, but she didn’t interested in continuing their conversation, “What bring you here? Where’s Heechul?”

Sunny looked at Taeyeon in disbelieve, “I’m running here when my class end and thinking you’ll need shoulders, hug or wise words,” she walked toward the couch and sit down, “Then here you go, you ask Heechul, instead.”

Should I say ‘sorry’, then?” Taeyeon and her heart were debating.

“I’m sorry,” she said clearly while following Sunny, “You called me ‘Taenggu’, anyway. And… it’s just weird.”


“Only Heechul calls me like that and… we have not meet yet for today.”

“Do you want to say something else?”

“Huh? ” Taeyeon rubbed her back next, tried to see what’s happening, “Oh, you said whether I need hug, shoulders or wise words. Why?”

Sunny didn’t replay. She shifted and brought her right hand to Taeyeon’s left chest. The latter just saw her best friend’s action. But she automatically yanked Sunny’s hand when her chest was pressed.

“Mine is perfect, thank you for the compliment,” Taeyeon held her minion pillow to cover her chest area, “But you should, at least ask my permission.”

Sunny laughed, “You’re so over confident. Mine is best,” she stopped and remembered the reason of her previous action, “I just wonder if your heart made by steel or iron.”

Taeyeon rise her left eyebrow, indirectly questioning her best friend for her statement.

“Seriously?” Sunny felt enough, “This morning you broke up with Baekhyun, Taeyeon! how could you be calm?”

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“Oh, I…”

“Even listening to the music, flipping a magazine and humming the song!”

“I, Heechul…”

“Your eyes are still bright, no puffy or red eyes!”

“Err… I…”

“Your heart is so strong! Do you implant something to your heart or what?”

“Sunny, I…”

“WHAT???” suddenly Sunny heard and asked.

“Idon’tdoanyplasticsurgery, you know!!!” Taeyeon claimed quickly, “I’m a natural beauty and cuteness.”

They laughed together. Both Taeyeon and Sunny relieved that everything’s actually okay. Taeyeon finally know why her best friend acted like that. It’s just one of proofs that Sunny really cared for her. On the other hand, Sunny was sure that the breaking up was not influential to Taeyeon.

“Your love life is weird, Tae.”

Taeyeon shrugged, “Baekhyun shares love, I receives it. But I couldn’t share it back and automatically he didn’t receive the love that he needs.”

“To be honest, it’s a big deal.”

She really knew Taeyeon and Baekhyun relationship. Both of them were DJ in a famous radio. Baekhyun was her hoobae aka junior. Taeyeon accepted the boy because he had a crush on her for a long time. She wanted to appreciate and learn how to love him. But indeed, it wasn’t effective. Moreover, there were many fangirls and boys who loved DJ Baekhyun and they didn’t want their idol was stolen. They bashed Taeyeon, until Taeyeon’s fans were mad.

Fans war happened in the real or ‘internet’ world. Until Taeyeon had to say ‘sorry’ for… making the situation bad and also for making their idol happy (?). Taeyeon still remembered how mad Heechul and Sunny were. They didn’t want Taeyeon solved everything alone. For Taeyeon, it was the day when Heechul was really pissed off. She didn’t want it happened again. Never.

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Chapter 2 –> Next..!