Fanfiction; HooBae or SunBae?


Chapter 3

taeyeon and sunny

Taeyeon really wanted to meet Heechul and talked to him about them, their relationship. Correction, their friendship.  But after hearing that Heechul was with Son Dam Bi, she didn’t want to do it anymore. That was the answer, why did their friendship break.

So she was too shock when Sunny dragged her to a cafetaria. There was a man back facing them. But from the gesture, she really knew who was him. He’s Heechul. So she stopped her pace beside Sunny.

“I want to go back, I’ tired…”

Sunny held Taeyeon’w wrist tighter, “Don’t be so rude!”

The more Taeyeon struggled, the more Sunny gripped tigther. Finally she gave up and let her butt touched a chair, facing Heechul.

“Hi…” Heechul greeted awkwardly, sensing something between them, “How have you been, lil sist?”


“Okay, I’m leaving. I have a date,” Sunny stood and announced them who have the same expression; shock.

Instead of freaking out, Taeyeon made herself calm. She stood and brought her mouth toward Sunny’s ear, “Don’t be so rude!”

Sunny chuckled. The way Taeyeon ordered had a purpose. It reminded her of herself earlier.

“Come with me…” she didn’t let Taeyeon asked a question until they reached a restroom.

“WHAT?” Taeyeon asked.

“I just want you and Heechul talk. That’s all, and you should thank me for this,” Sunny glared at Taeyeon but inhaled when the latter didn’t answer, “You and Heechul need to communicate.”

“We are busy.”

“Heechul is busy thinking of you in wrong way and so do you.”

“What? But how could…”

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“I know you too well, my cute and stupid friend,” She cut.


“Seriously,” Sunny held Taeyeon’s hands, “I never got the signs that you’re in love, not with Baekhyun or Bambam,” She tapped Taeyeon’s shoulder, “You didn’t fit with them. When you guys walked hand in hand, people thought you guys are lost children who are trying to figure out the street, not a couple… yah!!!” Sunny rubbed her hands after Taeyeon pinched it, but they ended up laughing.

“I think so.”

“First, I thought you have to date a girl…”

“If you want,” Taeyeon smirked.

“No, thanks!” Sunny answered quickly, “I care of you, not obsessing to you,” she added in sincere tone. Taeyeon smiled and hugged her.

“Thank you,” Taeyeon said for Sunny’s caring.

“I thought again that you should stop dating underage boys,” Sunny managed to say while hugging Taeyeon and they giggled, “Try to date sunbae, will you?”

Taeyeon broke the intimacy, “Which Oppa?”

Sunny rolled her eyes, “The one out there,” She pointed her thumb toward Heechul direction.

Taeyeon pouted.

“You told me, Heechul is with Son Dam Bi.”

Sunny saw Taeyeon in amusement, “Look!” she directed Taeyeon’s face toward a mirror, “Your jealous face. This is cute, Tae! Finally…”

“Finally what?” Taeyeon tried hard to hide her red cheeks.

“Finally you’re in love for real and we aware about this now. Wow!”

Taeyeon leaned on to her best friend’s shoulder. Actually she hid her indirect confession. She, herself, didn’t know about her feeling until it revealed. She thought it when Heechul was away with her life.

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“But… I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, Sunny,” her voice cracked, “I think he…”

If love is game which is played by two people, then they have to win together,” Sunny saw Taeyeon through a large mirror in the restroom, “You and Heechul have the opportunity to celebrated it together, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m not sure.”

“I see how suffer Heechul is when you’re in relationship with your hoobae,” they kept eye contact through the mirror, “He always talked about you to his best friend, Son Dam Bi, and she told me the whole story…”

“Wait, what?” Taeyeon jerked and made their eye contact real, “What’s the story?”

“Keep your eagerness,” Sunny fixed her collar, “The story is really long, but…”

“But?” there were sparkles in Taeyeon’s eyes.

“In short, he’s falling in love with you,” Sunny paused, “As you used to say, you want to feel… receiving and sharing love at the same time. I think it’s your great chance.”


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