Fanfiction; HooBae or SunBae?


Chapter 4

“I heard your breaking up news,” Heechul ended the awkward silence between them, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“You are happy, aren’t you?” Taeyeon teased.

Heechul met Taeyeon’s eyes, “Err… you… you’re too… too cocky, as usual.”

“So, how’s Son Dam Bi?” Taeyeon stir the straw in her glass, hiding her satisfaction because Heechul shivered and it convinced her that Sunny’s analysis was true. Heechul had a special feeling toward her, like herself.

Heechul didn’t rush to response it. After thinking fast, he answered, “If we are together, you are sad, aren’t you?”

“!” Taeyeon was taking a back.


Taeyeon stared at him. Heechul, who was aware with the situation, controlled his self. He stopped laughing and felt uncomfortable with Taeyeon’s eyes. Damn!

“It’s been a long time without your laugh, you know?” Taeyeon stated.

“I… err… yeah.”

Taeyeon chuckled, “A cat or a puppy?”

“A cat, of course!”

“Do you like kimchi fried rice?”


“How about kids?”

“Wh… I’m awkward with them!” Heechul shifted his position, “Why do you ask?”

“Just to make sure that you’re Heechul, the Heechul who I’ve ever known..” Taeyeon nodded and smiled, “Did me and you change? Because our relationship seems changed.”


She gave the sign to stop him by her hand. She also stopped asking after a waiter came and served their orders. The waiter talked to Taeyeon politely, offering his help if she needed it.

“What’s wrong?” Taeyeon saw Heechul frowning.

He smiled, fake smiled.

“Is he your next target?” He pointed the waiter using his head, “He seems young and cute, your ideal hoobae types.”

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Taeyeon shook her head while saw Heechul drinking his lemonade, “I want to date sunbae, a matture and not cute man.”

Heechul coughed. Reflex, Taeyeon patted his back. When everything was okay, they sat down properly.

“I thought you’re a pedofil, so I never have a chance.”

“You and your wrong thought,” Taeyeon rolled her eyes, but her heart began beating, uncontrollable.

“Since when you could learn to like sunbae?” Heechul placed his hands on his thigh.

“Since the hoobaes didn’t make me falling in love toward them.”

Instead of giving response, he just remained silent and took a sip of his lemonade. Taeyeon could see the gulp.

“Don’t think hard…”

“I… you…”

“Yes? Us?” She pointed herself and himself.

He sighed, “Thanks to Sunny, we talked in the right time.”

“What do you mean?”

“So…” Heechul ignored the question because he was too fidgeting, “Is it true that… you like me?”

“WHAT? No! I never said that!”

Heechul bowed his head, “Sunny told it after I asked her opinion about my plan.”


“Taenggu~ ”

“What’s your plan?”

“Letting you go and learning how to love Son Dam Bi,” he said  as though Taeyeon was okay by hearing it directly.


“Son Dam Bi confessed to me. But I haven’t answer yet, because you bothered me…”

“Because you’re falling in love with me?”

Heechul widen his eyes, “I never confess it… yet, how could you assume like that?”

“Sunny told me!” She yelled and convinced her plan to kill Sunny with her bare hands, soon.

Heechul’s intonation was low, “I didn’t say anything to her, except the fact that…”

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“That, I like you…” Their eyes met, “And I think it grows now,” Heechul breathed heavily, “I love you.”

Suddenly, Taeyeon cancelled her evil plan to Sunny.

~ The End ~

Author’s Note: FYI, it’s my first time. So, I’m sorry for everything.