Fanfiction; Who Other Than You, Umma?


Did I Hit Her That Hard?

Actually, Taeyeon hoped that her travelling from Seoul to Jeonju would be fun. She was really energetic although she had to drive alone. Imagining the good news in the form of her family’s approval toward her relationship with Baekhyun would be a great thing.

But now, she could drive her car quickly because of madness. Moreover the situation was really supportive. The night was calm and the road was empty. She was also confuse whether coming back to Seoul or searching for another place. In front of her eyes, there were two option; turning right and she would reach the city or turning left and she would reach her villa in a village.

“Okay, Umma. We need the time,” Taeyeon talked to herself, “Take your time and so do I.”

After thinking, she decided to turn left. But her front bumped something, not someone. It was not hard, but she still peeked out and convinced whoever a crazy person who was walking in the night was fine.

“Sh*t!” Taeyeon was surprised because her victim was a woman.

The woman wake up. Seeing that, Taeyeon searched for her pocket. She prepared money in order to ‘entertain’ the woman from her little suffer. As she knew, there were several people who bumped theirselves toward a car on purpose. The drivers would be asked for their responsibility aka money.

knock… knock…

Taeyeon opened the window. She knew her status, so she smiled apologetically and bowed her head. She kept saying ‘sorry’. When she was aout from her car, the woman in front of her was shocked. It could be seen from her opened mouth and widen eyes.

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“Kk… Kim… Tae… Taey… Oh my…!”

Taeyeon assumed the woman as one of her fangirls. So she nodded and smiled. She almost offered her hand, but the person in fron of her fainted. Of course, it made Taeyeon teasing smile went blank.

“Did I hit her that hard?” Taeyeon asked to the wind.

She just made a joke. Yes, at first, she was a little bit panic. But she also knew that ‘her car’ was not the cause. She, herself, was the cause of the unconscious woman.

Taeyeon saw around, who knows the woman had a partner and they wanted her money if she wanted to escape. But no one came and nothing happened. She still stood and the woman was still on the ground. That was her first time to take care of something, something that didn’t relate with her job and stuff.

“She was harmless,” Taeyeon resumed.

After taking a deep breath, she decided to carry the woman, the heavy one. Her muscle tensed, but she didn’t care. She placed the woman in the back of her porche. She jumped quickly to the driver seat. She really needed taking a rest.

She gritted her teeth while begin driving,

“Today was too much, God!”


If Taeyeon was given a task to write down a list of “the most annoying things in life”, surely she would add “someone wake me up when I’m very sleepy”.

Taeyeon covered her ears with pillow. The loud voice in the outside was slower. But she couldn’t enjoy her sound sleep anymore.

“Hello… anybody home?”

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“Did I see wrong last night? Where is Kim Taeyeon?”

“Yah! Am I alone?”

“Yah! Gimme Kim Taeyeon!”

“Yah! Give her to me!”

If possible, there was smoke from Taeyeon ears, there were also horns from her head. She rubbed her eyes and stomped. With her messy hair, she opened her room door.

“Yah! Don’t!” Taeyeon yelled at the ‘loud woman’ who suddenly covered her mouth when seeing Taeyeon.

The woman’s eyes widened. Taeyeon just didn’t want her to faint again. She was still fatigue after carrying her to the room. Even she had to take a pause everywhere; in front of the villa, on the couch, on the table and finally they could reach the bed.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” Taeyeon walked toward the unmoving woman, “I’m…”

“You are Taeyeon, aren’t you?” the woman asked ,”Oh – my – God!”

Taeyeon nodded.

“Omo! Oh My God! I’m happy! Ooh~”

Taeyeon was sure her eardrums could burst anytime soon if the woman kept screaming like that. She stepped forward to calm down the woman . But then, the decision made her regret it. The woman jumped and clinged herself to Taeyeon, until the poor singer couldn’t breath properly. She forgot, no security guard to be called.

“I’m Stephanie, Kim Taeyeon!” the woman said while jumping happily, “I’m one of your fans! Since we meet, you can call me Tiffany. Is it okay, Taeyeon?”

Taeyeon really wanted to say something. But she was doubt she could utter it. Her voice was defeated. She then remembered what happened last night. She smirked before applying the idea that popped up in her mind.

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“Kim Taeyeon! Oh did you faint because of me?” the woman named Tiffany release herself from Taeyeon after conscious  that the idol unmoved, “Did you lack of oxigen? I’m sorry, Tae! Oh…”

Finally, Taeyeon could breath. Phew!

“Should I give you cardiopulmonary resuscitation?”

Taeyeon heard what Tiffany said clearly. She assumed that the strange woman placed herself on top of her tigh. Before deciding what to do next, she kept memorizing a term that seemed familiar yet forgettable; cardiopulmonary resuscitation… cardiopulmonary resuscitation… cardiopulmonary resuscitation…

CardioPulmonary Resuscitation means CPR. CPR is… Oh no!

Suddenly, Taeyeon opened her eyes.


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