Fanfiction; Who Other Than You, Umma?


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A pair of lips landed on Taeyeon palm. She tried not to giggle when Tiffany frowned while closing her eyes. Maybe the fangirl did not expect that her idol has “a weird lip”.


“Uh, oh,” Taeyeon opened her eyes, “I’m fine, Miss Tiffany.”


Taeyeon waited for Tiffany to release herself. But the latter did not move. She just opened her eyes and saw the singer with full of admiration. It’s not her first time to see Taeyeon’s face. She has so many collection of Taeyeon’s photos or videos. But it’s indeed her first to see the idol live. In-front-of-her-face.


She had listened to so many comments about Taeyeon. They said that Tae’s jawline was the best. But for Tiffany, it’s wrong. There’s no best part in her face. Everything was perfect, until she couldn’t decide which one “the bestest”.


Tae herself is the best. Actually, Tae was not the most beautiful idol, nor the sexiest. Heck, her body was so petite. Flat butt. Small boobs. Her outfit, though. As far as Tiffany remembered, Tae seldom wore some sexy outfit. In her eyes, Taeyeon thus better in casual or boyish style.


“Miss?” Taeyeon’s right hand landed on Tiffany’s left shoulder, “I think, I’d get cramp.”


The fangirl then realized their position. So she sat, but her left hand automatically hold Taeyeon’s. Such a unnecessary touch. She just liked the feeling. She also needed it somehow. Her body felt so light. Out of nowhere, she also felt the dizziness came.

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“Could I take your picture?” Tiffany requested, and Taeyeon nodded, “I’d love to snap your moment, every movement, you know?”

“I’m not interesting though…”

Mwo? Oh, even your answer is really really interesting!”


Snap! Click!


“Let’s do breakfast!” Taeyeon encouraged herself to rise, and ignored the camera that focused on her.


Seeing Tiffany just kept sitting and looing at her camera, she stretching her hand out. Tiffany saw that. She smiled and took the lovely hand. The idol was unawared that she maximized all the power to lift her.


“You look tired, huh?” said Taeyeon, “I thought I’m the one who carry you.”

“Uh, oh, mianhae, Unnie!”


Taeyeon nodded and smiled awkwardly.


“And, thank you very much!” Tiffany said excitedly, so enthusiastic, until Taeyeon cringed at her and Tiffany saw it, “Sorry for my loudness, too.”

“I don’t say anything.”

“Your expression did.”


Taeyeon saw the irritation. She almost spilled out a word until the bel rang. She sighed and looked at the down girl.


“I’m sorry, but really, it’s fine,” She walked to the door, but stopped her track, “And, oh… a beautiful smile you have there, Miss.”


“Said the beautiful idol,” Tiffany replied in order to make Taeyeon blushing like her. But no, the singer looked flat. Nothing changed.


Both chuckled.




“Could you please not activate the blitz and sound, Miss Reporter?” Taeyeon played along with her, “I feel like… I am at the airport.”

“Uh! Sorry, Miss Taetae…”

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“Taetae?” Taeyeon laughed. Her ajumma laugh to be exact. Finally…


Meanwhile, Tiffany just looked at her with mouth agape. In a few second later, she clicked her camera in her smartphone. Again and again.