Fanfiction; Who Other Than You, Umma?


Under The Same Roof

After ringing the bel and coming in the small house, Taeyeon ordered a villa keeper named Heechul to buy some groceries for their breakfast. In that time, Taeyeon asked Tiffany to sit in her dining room while having coffee. Face to face.


They chatted about everything. Taeyeon supposed to interrogate Tiffany. But the fan dominated the talk. Not to mention her clicking camera activities. Taeyeon’s mind which was distracted by Umma and Baekhyun also didn’t help to focus.




Tiffany blabbered about her fangirling toward Taeyeon. How she saved money to buy or download Taeyeon’s songs, made an instagram account just to keep updating about Taeyeon, collected her photoshoots or fancams, defended her from many haters, etc.


“Kamsahamnida, I will work harder,” Taeyeon appreciated it, “You’re so kind.”

“Anytime, Taetae Unnie,” Tiffany shivered because she poured out her fangirling story live in front of her idol, “You’re too precious to be ignored,” she added.


Again, Tiffany didn’t see Taeyeon’s face changing. She just bowed and smiled. Tiffany wondered. How could she? Oh, of course, the idol often received so many praises. Or maybe people out there were right, Taeyeon was tired of so-called beautiful woman alive or even a goddess. So, instead Tiffany’s face flushed. But it was a luck for her rather than fainted again.


“So, here we are… together in one place, under the same roof,” Taeyeon hugged her seat cushion. She was oblivious that Tiffany was spelling something weird; I want to be that cushion… be that cushion… oh how I wish… I was the cushion…

“Huh, Miss Tiffany?”

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“Wait, what, Taetae Unnie?” Tiffany caught off guard. She just grabbed the cup in front of her and gulped.


Taeyeon refrained not to roll her eyes, “Are you okay? You look so pale, Miss.”


“Oh my… you’re so… aaargh!” Tiffany clutched a poor cushion near her, “You pay attention to me. You, the love of my life, my boo, my angel, my..!” she maintained the gaze until Taeyeon looked around to search for her smartphone. She almost backed away and escaped from reality.


“Phew! I’m sorry,” Tiffany bowed to express her regret, “Could you please throw the formality out? Just call me Tiffany…” her tone was really soft.



“No! It’s rude!” Taeyeon responded quickly, “Don’t see my celebrity status or anything. We’re in Korea.  Furthermore, I’m still…”

“I’m younger than you, Taetae Unnie,” Tiffany cut, and Taeyeon stared at her in disbelieve, “We were born in same year, yours are March, and mine is August.”

“Oops! Sorry… you look so…”

“Old,” Tiffany interrupted again, “I admit, you are cute, Taetae Unnie,” She said again, but Taeyeon hated the pout lips.

“No, I mean, you look more… mature, yes, mature,” Taeyeon inspected the reaction, “A beautiful mature woman, Fany,” She sighed in relief when seeing Tiffany smiled.

“Woah! You called me beautiful Fany!” She screamed historically, “It’s cute! It’s the bestest compliment all the time!”




“And you have to call me Taeyeon like the first time we meet, no Unnie, ok?” Taeyeon said in serious tone, “We were born in the same year, remember?”

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“How about Taetae?” Tiffany exposed her tooth, “To be honest, I always call you that, Taetae. Is it ok?”


Taeyeon scratched her back of the neck, “It’s okay. Err… after my family, I think you’re the first person to call me that.”


“Really???” she retorted like a vocalist trying to get his high note.

“Y.. ye… yes. Keep calm and answer me.”

“Did you ask me something?” She leaned into Taeyeon, “What is it?”


“Aaargh! It sounds awkward to repeat this question,” Taeyeon giggled, “But well, err… now we’re in one place, under the same roof, what do you want me or us to do?”


Tiffany smiled, then smirked. But her expression changed so fast. She frowned. She wanted so say something, but there were also another thing that hold her.



“It’s supposed to be an easy question, but I never thought it would be this hard.”


Taeyeon laughed.


Mwo? What kind of answer is that? Don’t think too much, Fany,” Taeyeon was amused, “I guessed your answers would be like… singing for you, duet with you, giving my signature, taking selca, or something?”




“I see,” Taeyeon smile warmly, “You just want to take my picture, huh?”

Nope,” Tiffany shaked her head, “Not just that…”

“Then?” Taeyeon was really curious, and she somehow had a bad feeling.


Tiffany turned her gaze from her smartphone to Taeyeon, “I don’t know. You exist. You are near. You have the time. No one disturbs us… It’s more than enough. I am thankful, I could also express my amazement toward you, the Kim Taeyeon. Cool situation, right! How lucky I am! How could I ask for more?”

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Taeyeon remained silent. Something had got her attention. About being thankful of someone’s existence and closeness.




“You have to know, Taetae, I really adore you because…. asdfgghjklzxxcvvbn…”


Taeyeon heared, but didn’t listen to Tiffany. Actually, it was not herself. But she couldn’t help it. Umma and Baekhyun clouded her brain, and heart, again. Nevertheless, Taeyeon could learn that the girl was not sasaeng or something. She’s pure innocent, Taeyeon thought.


Finally the chit-chat ended when Heechul came. Taeyeon introduced Heechul as her assistant to Tiffany. And, Taeyeon talked to Heechul that Tiffany was her guest. The latter just believed in his boss. It’s not impossible if Taeyeon got so many friends from so many backgrounds. But deep down, he’s still curious. Her humble employer didn’t like to bring a random person.