Fanfiction; Who Other Than You, Umma?


Shoo… Go Away!


“Done with your cabbage, Oppa?” Taeyeon’s voice made him turning forward.

Dae, Taenggu,” he mixed the white and purple cabbage,”The carrot is also ready! Perfect!”


Taeyeon nodded and smiled. She had cooked the rice and prepared the kkakdugi. She then made tofu with soy sauce, while Heeachul took a job to make coleslaw. Since she had a guest, asking Tiffany about the menu was a must. She was just afraid if her fan had an alergy or something. But then, the latter said she was fine with everything.


“Unnie Taetae…”


Not just Taeyeon, Heechul also glanced at the source of the voice. There, Tiffany stood up while holding her smartphone. She saved so many pictures of Taeyeon who was busy in the kitchen.




“Could I help you?”

“No?” the quick answer from Taeyeon made Tiffany pouting. Heechul giggled, and Tiffany added her expression with frowning.

“Eww… so ugly!” Heechul teased, “It’s okay, Miss Tiffany. Just sit down. You should boost energy before returning to your home, right?”


Taeyeon gulped. She and Heechul had talked about Tiffany. He then offered himself to driver her home. But Taeyeon didn’t know that her employee would be that bold. It felt like… they unintentionally kicked her out.


She glanced at Tiffany who bowed her down, really down. It made her uneasy. She then nudged Heechul to say something.


“You have a house, don’t you?”


It was not what Taeyeon meant.


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“I do.”


Taeyeon secretly did pinch Heechul.


“Aaargh!” He endured himself not to cry out, “Th… Then, what’s the matter?”


“You asked me a home. I didn’t have it,” Tiffany slumped down in the chair.


Taeyeon and Heechul blinked. Since the singer didn’t join them in the first place, so she just kept herself active. Washing hands, preparing chopsticks, dusting something, etc. She was sure that her guest looked so pale. But she didn’t know whether it was because of Heechul or having breakfast late.


“What do you mean?”


“House is just a building. I have it,” Tiffany was staring out the window, “But talking about home, about the warmth feeling… I think I don’t, except here,” she looked at the back of Taeyeon.

“Oh,” Heechul also sat down, leaving his boss to work alone, “You are a product of broken home, I guess… Humm… I wonder,…”

“Fany!” Taeyeon shouted, “Could you help me?” she said it spontaneously.

Yeaaay!” Tiffany literally jumped out from her chair, “What is it, Taetae Unnie?”

“Wh… I saw you so weak just now, but…” Heechul talked to himself like a fool.




“She even looks so energetic when photographing her!” He said again, but no one responded it.

While drying her hands with a small towel, Taeyeon thought something. Her eyes also searched for everything that could be Tiffany’s job. Then, she landed her eyes on the last menu of their breakfast.




“Could you break the eggs there?”

“Uh, I…” Tiffany looked at the eggs doubtedly. Her hands were shaking. Her steps were also so slow.

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“Just breaking the eggs?” Heechul stood up and walked toward TaeNy, “Could you make omelette? The veggie one?”


Instead of looking to Heechul, Tiffany stole a glance to Taeyeon. She gulped and nodded. She also tried to breath normally, making the situation dramatic. That’s was what Heechul thought.


“Hey, are you ok?” Taeyeon sensed something, “It’s fine, really, I could break…”

“What? It’s just breaking the eggs, Taenggu!” Heechul groaned, “And you, Miss Tiffany! You said, you’re fine with everything. Besides, we’re Korean… eggs are supposed to…”

“No, it’s okay!” Taeyeon said it loud to him, but she swiftly smiled to Tiffany and tried to grab the eggs.


“I’m going to break it,” Tiffany was quicker.


She broke one egg. She succeeded. Unfortunatelly, her second effort didn’t. Her right hand covered her mouth. Taeyeon could see that her guest tried to hold nausea.


“Yah! You drunk last night, didn’t you?!” Heechul shouted, “It explained why did you walked really slowly and seem uncontrollably in the street, until Taenggu found you.”


Tiffany glanced at him sharply. She wanted to say something. But the discomfort in her stomach messed it up. Meanwhile Taeyeon widen her eyes. Tiffany might guess that she created story about her when they met up.


“Yah! Shoo go away! throwing up in toilet, not here, Miss!” Heechul grabbed Tiffany’s shoulders.


Taeyeon couldn’t stand it. She grabbed Heechul’s shoulder harshly. The action made him losing his firm grip.


“You are the one who goes away! Shoo! ”

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Shoo means shoo, go away…”


“I want to join you guys for breakfast!” he pleaded.


Taeyeon rolled her eyes, “Fine! Just… finish everything!”


She ignored his protest. Actually, there’s no appetite anymore. The situation made her stressing out.


“Come on,” Taeyeon squeezed Tiffany’s left shoulder, “We need to go to the toilet,” she showed her the way.


Without asking for permission, Tiffany’s left hand embraced the idol’s hips. Taeyeon jerked up a bit, but then she didn’t do anything except letting it. Unconsciously, her steps led straight to her bedroom.