Fanfiction; Who Other Than You, Umma?


Umma and Sooyoung

“Woah…” Tiffany was so impressed of Taeyeon’s room, “Smell good, so good, hmmh…” She inhaled deeply, feeling needy of the lovely air.




Taeyeon stunned.


“How could we end up here?” She massaged her own temple and looked at Tiffany who closed her eyes, “But it’s okay, you could throw up there,” Taeyeon pointed at her closet.




“I couldn’t force myself, Taetae Unnie,” Tiffany walked toward her idol, “Magical! This so Taeyeon room could cure the uncomfortable feeling.”

“No,” Taeyeon shook her head,”It will haunt you, not until you throw up. So, go on. Don’t mind me. Just make sure to clean it up, ok?” She smiled in case her guest felt bad.


Tiffany gulped. She just walked toward the closet. Meanwhile, Taeyeon just prepared her earphone in order to prevent the barf sound. But before wearing it, Tiffany was out.


“Why?” Taeyeon asked.

“I think I don’t want to,” Tiffany looked at her smartphone.


Taeyeon came closer. She also saw the smartphone. Tiffany opened the gallery. There were picture of Taeyeon’s closet. She also saw herself.


“Could you please delete them?” Taeyeon asked directly, “It’s kinda privat.”


Tiffany was so shock, until she just opened her mouth. Nothing to be said. Gradually, she withdrew her stare to Taeyeon. She bowed herself.


Taeyeon herself just waited for her guest. Maybe Tiffany was arranging the words to defend herself. But then, she saw that her guest was shaking. The tears fell. Tiffany cried. No, she sobbed.

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“Hey,” Taeyeon had no idea, she just held Tiffany’s shoulder, “Mianhae…

“It hurts,” Tiffany clenched her own chest, “How could you? How could you ask me to delete all the important memories that I’ve been making? It’s about Kim Taeyeon, you know!”

“I am…” Taeyeon was really doubt, “I am Kim Taeyeon. You recognize me, don’t you?”

Tiffany looked up. She smiled. Taeyeon tried hard not to run when Tiffany walked forward. Her effort was totally failed when Tiffany clung herself toward her. Taeyeon was like a statue.


“Do you need peppermint, essential, eucalyptus oil, or something to treat you nausea?” Taeyeon slowly backed away, “I think I have all of it.”

“The last oil will do,” Tiffany fidgeted with her hands, “I want someone to massage the back of my neck.”



“But I don’t want the annoying Heechul Oppa to do it,” Tiffany continued, “I want someone else.”


Taeyeon rolled her eyes. Who else? But, she asked Tiffany to sit down on her smooth couch. After taking the oil, she did what her guest want. She tried to focus her attention, but she was sure there were commotion outside.


Knock! Knock!


“Come in.”


“Umma?” Taeyeon looked at the look so disappointed person behind her mother, “Sooyoung?”

“Eat your breakfast, Tae,” Umma said, “Oh! Annyeonghaseyo…” She greeted Tiffany.

Tiffany abruptly stood up, ”Annyeonghaseyo, Umma.”


Everyone was dumbstruck.


“Err… could I call you like that?” Tiffany finally remembered to ask it.

“Oh, okay,” Umma smiled, “You too, take your breakfast, Dear.”

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“Dae, Umma!”

“Hmm… This is Sooyoung, Tiffany,” Taeyeon introduced the other one, “She is my manager.”


They were shaking hands.


“And, this is Tiffany, Sooyoung. She is my…”

“Sasaeng,” Sooyoung continued.

“…my guest,” Taeyeon ignored the sarcasm.


“Annyeonghaseyo, Unnie. I am Tiffany.”

“I know.”




In the dining room, there were Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Heechul. Umma and Sooyoung who had their breakfast were in the living room waiting for them. It was so quiet, the air that Taeyeon needed. She was in deep thought, especially after seeing her own Umma.


“Done?” Sooyoung popped the question.

“You eat too little, Dear,” Umma said to Tiffany, “Is the food not tasty?”


“No tasty, right? Taeyeon couldn’t be relied to make anything for breakfast, except a bowl of cereal.”


Everyone chuckled, except Taeyeon.


“No. I mean…” Tiffany saw thay everyone waited for her explanation, “The food is really really nice. But, unfortunatelly, my desire to eat this tasty food is reduced. No appetite and nausea… hhh…”

“Are you sick or something?”

“I’m okay,” Tiffany looked at Taeyeon, “Perhaps, it’s because I’m too happy or too nervous eating with my idol.”



“I could see your happiness, but I’m really doubt of your nervousness,” Heechul said.


This time, Taeyeon joined everyone to chuckle. Well, except Tiffany. She just pointed her chopstick toward Heechul. After knowing his status, she’s kinda brave to fight him.


“Okay, then. I see you Taeng, in your bedroom,” Sooyoung killed the joy.

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“Andwae!” Tiffany it spontaneously.

Sooyoung raised her brow, “This is a command. Do it, Taeng!”


“But, don’t forget to bring something to eat,” She turned around and saw Taeyeon sneering.




“Are you buuurrrrrp…”

“Ew!” Taeyeon held her head, “Finish your eating first, Sooyoung!”


“Oh, God!” Taeyeon stood up from her couch, “I’m going to out if you keep burping like that.”


“Okay! Okay!” Sooyoung gulped a glass of water, “Buuurrrrp…!”

“Ouch!” Taeyeon stood as well, and she reached for the door, ready to go out from her own bedroom.

“You and Baekhyun became a headline news for today, Taeng!”


“They saw you guys standing in the rooftop of SM building,” she said it when Taeyeon decided to go back to her couch, “And, your creepy fangirl here just makes me stress out. That’s why I need a lot of foods,” Sooyoung continued munching her meals.