Fanfiction; Who Other Than You, Umma?


Go Out, Sorry

Abruptly, Tiffany looked at Taeyeon who wore the blue jumper after getting out of her room. The idol was followed by her assistant, Sooyoung. Tiffany was squeling. She was unaware of Umma presence.




“Wow! So casual! So handsome! My Taetae Noona!”

“It’s Unnie, Tiffany,” Umma corrected.

Dae, mianhae, Umma,” Tiffany said, blushing.


The oldest stood up from her couch. She was aware that her daughter would go out with her manager. So, she needed to know where their destination was.


“We have meeting,” Taeyeon said in cool way. Whereas Sooyoung just remain silent. She then went back to Taeyeon’s room.

“Okay, but I want you to know something, Dear.”


“Uh oh… alright, take care, Dear,” Umma held her flawless cheek. She tried to hug Taeyeon, but the idol just said and did nothing.


It was so awkward. Even Tiffany noticed it. Once or twice, she ever saw how lovely Taeyeon and her Umma during a photoshoot. But what happened in front of her eyes told otherwise.




Tiffany just wanted to keep capturing every moments of Taeyeon. She didn’t realize that her idol kept staring at her. Then, finally their eyes met.


“Could you please delete it?”

Wae? It’s a precious moment of you and Umma…”



“I promise not to share it.”

“I just don’t like it, ok.”

“But I do like it!”


“See?” Sooyoung came and put a cap on Taeyeon, “She even rises her voice. How annoying she is!”

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Taeyeon looked at Sooyoung,  then Tiffany, and finally her Umma. She was contemplating doing what Sooyoung had suggested. She sighed, loud enough to make Tiffany shivered. The fangirl thought that her action already beyond the limit. She cursed herself for “seems yelling” to Taeyeon in front of her Umma and manager.


“Mianhae, Unnie Taetae.”



“Oh my God!” Sooyoung held Taeyeon’s shoulders, pushing her not to look down, “Just tell her, Taeyeon!”

“She apologized.”

“It doesn’t change anything,” Sooyoung tried to assure her singer, “We want to solve problems one by one, right?”

“Taetae Unnie…”





Taeyeon looked up to Sooyoung, “Can we just… go out?”


The idol didn’t wait for her manager, she walked and went out for real, leaving Umma and Tiffany dumbfounded.

~to be continued~