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Membuat “Self Reflection” Ketika Mengajar

Membuat “Self Reflection” Ketika Mengajar

Kuliah di Fakultas Keguruan tanpa pengalaman mengajar? Atau, kuliah di program studi Bahasa Inggris tanpa pernah mengajar Mapel Bahasa Inggris? Rasanya kurang afdhol, ya? 😀

Ketika kuliah dulu, aku dkk (Teh Adis, Anti, Fini dan Vina) pernah mendapat tugas mengajar di sebuah Sekolah Dasar. Karena alasan ditugaskan dan momennya memang ‘eksklusif’, kami pun merekamnya. Setelah bukti rekamannya diserahkan pada dosen, tugas kami ternyata belum selesai.

Di kelas. kami disuruh membuat semacam “self reflection”. Isinya seputar masalah-masalah yang kami hadapi ketika mengajar, sekaligus solusi-solusinya. Nah, berikut contoh tugasnya:

Some problems that we find during teaching preparation and process are:

  1. The school and its elements are strange for us.
  2. Based on the English teacher, there are two material versions (between syllabus and LKS), whereas we have to make sure that the material is appropriate with the curriculum.
  3. We have limit time to prepare teaching after waiting for a certain material and schedule from the English teacher.
  4. The students are still clumsy to us, therefore they tend to be passive.
  5. The students are not accustomed to listen to English terms/expressions.
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Some effective solutions to solve those problems:

  1. We have to communicate our intention well, not only to the headmaster and English teacher, but also to the teacher there. For instance, we visit the school not just one time, but also several times; to know the location, situation, ask permission, schedule, book reference, etc.
  2. After discussing, we decide to obtain the teacher’s recommendation; Continuing his lesson based on LKS. But, for complimenting it, we search other instruments and materials.
  3. We use the time effectively to search several sources, especially from the internet. For example searching some basic terms, expressions, pictures, etc.
  4. We treat the students like a teacher who is close with them, such as memorizing their names and calling them sometimes. We also try to stimulate their class participation by asking several things related to the materials or asking their opinions about something.
  5. In the beginning, we use English to communicate with them. But the fact, they’re difficult to understand it. Then, I determine to mix the language; using Bahasa Indonesia and English. Sometimes, we also use gestures to introduce some simple English terms/expressions, such as ‘repeat, me!’, ‘come forward!’, ‘be quite, please!’, etc. [*]
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