Mini Album and MV Review of “I” – Kim Taeyeon Feat Verbal Jint [Full or Complete]


Taeyeon mini album i review, MV review

Kim Taeyeon. Ah, finally her Extended Play aka EP aka mini album and the MV released.

Since she is one of my favorite female idols, of course I’m really excited. Even when the teasers kept exploding, I was wondering about the concept, theme, genre etc. In my humble opinion, she and team would create something new. Something’s unpredictable as her solo debut.

As we know that she is one of Korean “ballad queens”. There are so many OST that catch out heart attention. So, there’s no way if she focuses on ballad only, especially the mellow one.

From that speculation, I start thinking of her outstanding solo debut. I do hope that she would be the Korean lady rocker. I’ve seen her “Devil Cry” though. It’s really cool.

But then the “I” teaser came. She shared the very short video of “I” MV. Oh, I really like the beat. No, I do like the name of “I” first. Moreover when her images teasers released, I do appreciate the concept and her outfits.

About Taeyeon – Mini Album “I”

The EP released on October 7, 2015. It consists of 6 tracks. There are “I”, “U R”, “Gemini”, “Stress”, “Farewell” and I instrumental version. It’s more or less 20 minutes in total. And, the language of course is Korean.

I’ve written the meaning of Taeyeon songs; I, U R and Gemini in detail using Indonesian language. Therefore, I wouldn’t repeat it, ok. But here is my thought about her all songs…

Kim Taeyeon “I”

Review single i Taeyeon

“I” is the EP title and also her first single. She, Verbal Jint and Mafly work together to write down the lyrics. Whereas the music credit goes to Myah Marie Langston, Bennett Armstrong, Justin T. Armstrong, Cosmopolitan Douglas, David Quinones, Jon Asher and Ryan S. Jhun.

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No one will argue about her decision to choose “I” as her ‘strength’. The song is so lovely. The beat and tune are fantastic, anthemic, enjoyable and so inspiring. I’m really satisfied when her ‘soft yet powerful and emotional voice’ sings the great lyrics. Meanwhile, Verbal Jint really fits this song. His rap makes “I” really deep, firm and strong.

We’ve already known the song meaning. Well, sure it’s not about cheesy love, frustrating heart or having affair with someone. It’s about appreciating our life. More. It’s about… creating our own happiness, by being who we are without hurting ourselves. It’s definitely recommended song.


Kim Taeyeon “U R”


The lyrics writer is Jo Yun-gyeong. And the music belongs to Matthew Tishler, Robyn Newman and Ben Charles. I am so sorry, but the first time I listened to this song, I don’t like it. Maybe, it’s because I don’t find it unique. When it comes to Taeyeon, the emotional ballad is… how could I say this? She’s the queen anyway.

But then, I give it a try by searching the lyrics and comprehending the meaning. Woah, the lyric is so sweet and touching. It’s about Taeyeon’s appreciation toward her lover or important person. She pour it perfectly by telling us how thankful she is, when her darkness fade away, thanks to whoever the “U” referred to. Soon, I listened to this song again and gradually felt in love too. It’s intriguing when she could play our emotion. Like a stair, from the bottom to the middle and reach its’ peak. Incredible, I could feel her feeling.


Kim Taeyeon “Gemini”

Taeyeon outfit in Incheon Airport
Who takes this pict?

Again, Mafly writes the lyrics with Jam Factory. And thanks to LDN Noise, Alice Sophie, Carolyn Jordan & Penrose for the music. After “I”, maybe Gemini is my other favorite song from Taeyeon. The lyrics are not poetic or deep. But the beat, music and medium tempo make this one easy listening and again, enjoyable R n B song.

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I also like when Taeyeon could ‘play’ her vocal. So tricky. It could be steady, sweet, gentle, powerful and waving (?). She could tell the story in the song well. From being together until facing a hard situation that make her and her lover parting, but she is in dilemma situation because honestly she couldn’t let everything go. Well, to make it short, she is the wise and smart singer.


Kim Taeyeon “Stress”

taeyeon holding cigarette, review single stress taeyeon
Illustration or editing by @oniontaker

Mafly writes Taeyeon song again. All alone. And Hyuk Shin, Marco Reyes (MRey), Tiffany Evans & DK are responsible to this ‘bobbing’ song. Taeyeon Unnie has warned us about the high tempo of this song. But I still shocked when I played it in the first time. The drum and piano keep hitting my ear, of course in nice way.

To be honest, I want this kind of song to be performed by Taeyeon. So noisy, exploded, rock, energetic, emotional, having blast, errr… badass (?). And to be honest, I begin changing my ringtone with this song. 😀

The song itself tells us about falling in love with complicated effect. Naturally, we could feel happy when we’re in love. But this love really makes us ‘stress’. Our lover is bad, not an ideal type. Unfortunately, we still love them and couldn’t resist their charm. Oh, it must makes Taeyeon freaking out until she admits,

“You got me smoking cigarettes, I’m in stress, Baby!”


Kim Taeyeon “Farewell”

Taeyeon single farewell review, meaning, translation
Taeyeon photoshoot for outer product of Mixxo (CMIIW)

The lyrics writer is Lee Joo-hyung. Then for its music, Lee and Chu Dae-gwan help this one. Err… Ballad again. So boring. What do we expect? She’s really good in ballad thing. If the singer is not Taeyeon, maybe I would play another song. But I always give her a chance. And as usual, she doesn’t make me disappointed. Heck, I fall for her OST.

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The feeling is getting better when I’m enjoying her voice via earphone. As though, she is singing me lullaby. A serenade. No need to understand the song, though. But then I see the song is about breaking up. We could see the title, right? The parting away is something complicated, but like it or not, sometimes we have to face it.


Kim Taeyeon “I” Instrumental Version

taeyeon instrumental i
Who takes this pict?

No one writes the lyrics. 😀 And people behind this amazing instrumental are Langston, B. Armstrong, J. T. Armstrong, Quinones, Asher, Douglas & Jhun.

I think she was not joking when she said that “I” instrumental was her favorite track. Okay, maybe she is too shy to confess that her voice is angelic. Or maybe, she is just too humble to appreciate herself.

But, I do like this, too. Moreover we’ve already known the MV and the story behind. So, when listening to this “I” instrumental, I keep imagining New Zealand, the landscape, scenery, views and Taeyeon… driving a car, running in a huge field, combing her hair with her finger, banging something or smiling like a winner because of her satisfaction after making a right decision.


Kim Taeyeon Mini Album in General

taeyeon mini album or EP review

Taeyeon mini album and mini appearance (oops!) have given us a huge effect. Not mini effect, though. Her EP is really elegant, cool, swag, rich, complex, well organized, well done, well… well executed. Goosebump.


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