Mini Album and MV Review of “I” – Kim Taeyeon Feat Verbal Jint [Full or Complete]


Review MV i Taeyeon

The place named “Portland Public House” is in Auckland, New Zealand. Taeyeon A portrays herself as a waitress. Guess, she is the hectic one. Then we move to a huge field. The landscape is breathtaking. There, another Taeyeon appears. We call her as Taeyeon B, k? She sings while runs happily. She tells us her life, her freedom and her beauty.

Then Verbal Jint comes hitting his spot nicely. He is like… giving motivation or encouragement to ‘the strong girl’, whom I guess as Taeyeon A, to fight back and become herself instead.

Verbal jint and taeyeon

The MV shows the contrast situation between Taeyeon A and B. Taeyeon A looks so tired, furious, dilemma or full consideration. Meanwhile the later enjoys being herself in her humble life. We can see her smiling, relaxing and joyful face. The song keeps telling us the story, and Verbal Jint also making it bold.

Furthermore, a butterfly from Taeyeon B flies and comes to Taeyeon A. It’s like a ‘bridge’ between them. Taeyeon A seems get the hint and confident to take a step and a risk for whatever her decision. Then, bam!

She finally knows what she really wants; resigning and returning to where she belongs. Sometimes, I wonder whether Taeyeon B is still Taeyeon A. I mean… the village girl is Taeyeon herself before she decides to go to be a city and working-hard girl. Something that honestly she doesn’t like at all.

Verbal Jint

The story takes a climax or tense moment when Taeyeon A opens the door harshly and confidently. She turns out, from a whipped waitress to be the rebel one. And oh, she steals a car key from her boss.

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No one could stop her, even Jiwong Oppa! 😀 We can see her smirking and saying (perhaps) “bye!” while going outside her work place. She unties her hair and combs it in cool way. For the first time, Taeyeon A smiles. She gets double though; freedom and a luxurious car key. 😀

Taeyeon A really satisfies with her final decision. And Taeyeon B seems to feel it too. Then here we go, my favorite part; she is driving… home (?). Amazing! I do appreciate crew or staff for creating the mind-blowing views when Taeyeon controls the car. The beach, the sea, the cliff, the running sheep, the large field, flowers, grass,… everything.

taeyeon is driving car

She smiles, enjoys the long yet lovely road, raises her fist and gives us goosebump. I think we can feel the smell of true happiness and freedom.

The song, the lyrics, the music, the story, the lessons, the meaning, the outfit, the shooting technique, the setting, the scenery, the views, the feel, the tension, the gradual emotion, the Taeyeon (her voice and acting) and all are combined to be one awesome show.

All in all,  Taeyeon MV is… epic! It is worth to be watched all over again. #RD



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