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Short Story; Why do you have a long live, Mom?

Why do you have a long live, Mom?

arti ibu dalam islam, arti ibu suri, arti ibu bagi seorang anak, arti ibu pertiwi, pengertian ibu hamil, pengertian ibu rumah tangga, pengertian ibu nifas, pengertian ibu bapaHarris was lying on the carpet. He wanted to relax after he did struggle in the bus to get his home. As the fasting month holidays approach, everyone wanted to start the fast in hometown likewise Harris. So he had to be ready in facing traffic jam, crowd, sultry, bad smell, etc.

“Phew!” He relieved when he finally arrived in his home then saw his wife, two daughters and mother. His mother was very old, about 95 years old. So her talking was not fluent anymore and she just sat on the carpet when her son came. For Harris they and his hometown were the shoulders of his pain. Proven, immediately his hunger and fatigue lost. Moreover the temperature in his village was cold and fresh as used to be.

Harris still lied on the carpet with his mother. They were watching television. As a habitual, at 3 P.M there were some infotainment programs. Unfortunately, his mother was one of its fans. So it made him boring and sleepy. Meanwhile his wife was cooking his favorite food. Just time she smiled,

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“What food that you want, Dad?”

Harris responded to her with a sweet smile too,

“I miss your delicious fried chicken, honey.. “

He also heard his two daughters were commenting his gift with humorous sounds.

“As a chef master.. I think this cake is delicious enough, isn’t it?”

“Really? Give it to me. I want to know the taste.”

“What? But you’ve eaten it”

“Really? I forget.. hahaha ”


Suddenly his eyes looked a picture beside the television. Someone in the picture was the most missed in his life. He wanted to hug and kiss his little body. Yeah, he was his son; Jefrey, the one son that he ever had.

During his marriage he wanted to have a son. His heart was badly broken when his wife had miscarriage until twice and he knew their sex were men.

A neighbor ever told him sadly,

“I don’t know why it can happen. Perhaps they have a bad destiny. But, hum… May it’s just my damn thought. Hum… your mother has a long life… “

Harris cut it, “So, what do you mean?”

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“Ng… I… I just think that your sons’ ages were changed by your mom’s age. It’s possible if… “

Harris stopped it and left him. Actually his opinion had disturbed his mind. He confessed it. He knew his mother had a long life while his sons died quickly. But he couldn’t refuse the reality. He also didn’t know what should he do.

The last, exactly three years ago, a newborn baby came into his life. Harris was very happy. Even he often left his work to keep Jefrey. He wanted to spend his time to accompany the cute baby and see his growth. But one day when Jefrey was about 9 months years old, they were in a supermarket. Then he was reported that mom was brought to hospital. Sure, he and little Jefrey went by motorcycle to hospital as soon as possible. The tragic moment happened!

After arriving to the hospital, Harris got his son was silent and cold. Jefrey died because of coldness. He wept and shouted hysterically without paying attention to everyone who saw him.
“Why, Mom? Why do I lose him again?” Unconciously he murmured. He remembered his other sons before Jefrey, a neighbor’s talking, Jefrey and his mother’s long life.

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“Astaghfirullaah…” his eyes opened.

“What’s your dream, dad? I see you panic… do you get a nightmare?” Harris’ wife lied beside him and gave some questions. But Harris didn’t answer, he sat and moved his neck to the right and left side. He seemed so worry,

“Where is mom? Where is she? Is she still alive?”

His wife sat to make calm,

“She is in the toilet, dad… don’t you worry, OK!”


“Mom… dad… grandma!” the older daughter was shouting. Harris and his wife were shocked and run to the sound source. Harris found his mother fainted. Immediately he lifted his mother and put her on the bed. He dried his mom’s wet body. Then he looked his wife and two daughters weft over their lovely grandmother.

“Is it her time to pass away?… Astaghfirullaah… what I’ve said?” [#RD]

*Sorry for grammatical errors or something. It’s my old short story which was published in annida-online.com.