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Why Do Young People Love The Corrs? Here are the 11 Reasons!

Why Do Young People Love The Corrs? Here are the 11 Reasons!

The Corrs, The Corrs 2015, Corrmunity T-Shirt by Noelet devianart

The Corrs animation by: by Noelet devianart

“How long have you been a fan (of The Corrs)?”

That’s a question from one of “my twitter friends”, @nightcat2609. I’m sorry for mentioning your account, my Phillippines friend. Okay, I also mention my account here; @Dee_Ann_Rose. That’s fair. 🙂

To be honest, it took me a while to answer the simple question. Then, I uncertainly answer that probably I’ve been being their fan for 4 years. But something that I remember most is… I often heard their songs on the radio. There are “breathless”, “runaway” and “radio”. The later become a backsong for one of my fav radio anyway.

And the friend said,

“You a 90s kid too? We’re in the same boat, joining the fanbase well after the band took a break.”

Again, I have to say that I never think about it. Yes, I’m a 90s kid. And it’s funny because finally I realize that I become a fan of “the hiatus band” or “a band which took a long break”. They started carrier on 1990’s and launched ‘their last album’ on 2005! But here I am, a fan in 2010’s. Even I like some of The Beatles’  and become their loyal listener, although they’ll never release a new album.

Actually there are general reasons why do people love a singer or band, whether it’s old or the new one. It could be their faces, performances, music, songs or even popularity. But, let me answer this question; why do young people start loving The Corrs? Here are the 11 reasons:

#1.  First of all, It’s not a crime for young people to love The Corrs


There’s no good or bad way in creating music. The problem is… we have different taste and we couldn’t force people to have the same taste, vice versa. But “the problem” will not be a troublesome if we could respect each other.

I don’t care when people said to me that “my music taste is strange or rare”, because i don’t listen to the music that most people love. I listen to the music that I love. Well, young people love old songs or old people love young songs. It’s okay, isn’t it?


#2. The Corrs is different and unique

Cutie Corrs, The Corrs cute

The Corrs animation by Belmarcelino

I couldn’t call myself as The Corrs fan if I just know their “radio” or “runaway”. That’s why, from the ‘sample songs’ that I heard, I began searching about their other songs. Why? It’s because I found out that they were unique and different.

They are not the mainstream one. Their music is rich and complex,  but they are all easy listening and enjoyable. All right, perhaps it’s because I don’t know much about Irish musician and their music style. But I do satisfy when I know more about them and their songs.  I’m hopelessly addicted. I fall in love with their “Forgiven not Forgotten”, “Only When I Sleep”, Unplugged Version, and many more.


#3. They have a family bond who taught Us about “True and Beautiful Harmony”

Musik anti mainstream ala The Corrs

I was amazed when knowing that The Corrs are siblings. The photogenic one! They don’t dominate each other, yet they fill each other. Jim’s guitar, Sharon’s violin, Caroline’s drum (or bodhran) and Andrea’s voice and tin whistle. If they unite, at least for me, it means a beautiful harmony. It’ll be ‘so wrong’ if one of them absent. They have no idea that the harmony means a lot for me.


#4. The Corrs could be one of my “good model” because they have everything

The Corrs Menerima Penghargaan MBE Ratu Elizabeth II

Back to “what do they have”, well… Andrea, Sharon and Caroline are beautiful. Jim is also handsome. Yes, good looking is something important, but it’s not enough when it comes to music. Moreover, they are all not young again.

But beside their look, they also have several things to admire. I never find their bad news such as involving in drugs, nudity, plagiarism etc. They are also talented. Who can argue about it? They seem young, energetic, total, dedicate to music, humble and generous. Well, they didn’t get MBE (Members of the Order of the British Empire) from Queen Elizabeth II for no reason. I took them to the one of “the 21 most charitable celebrities”.


#5. The Corrs never bad

The Corrs 5

What’s their bad songs? I’m not sure I could answer this. Their creations are always awesome. But I have to admit that there are ‘boring’ songs. I’m not going to mention it. Maybe I’m not in the mood to listen to. Maybe the songs don’t relate so much to me. Or maybe, I couldn’t enjoy it for a long time. But I don’t need them to be perfect. I’m just glad they being them.


#6. They are cool

Konser Amal The Corrs

After enjoying their songs, I also want to know about their profile, story, selling album, live shows, achievements etc. Thanks to internet, I’ve known so much. They’re really cool. How could them writing down their own lyrics so lovely? and also played the instruments stunningly? To make it short, they are really magnificent. See, they get attention without seeking it by doing something controversial. 🙂


#7. The Corrs has so many ways to make their “weakness” up

The Corrs_

wordy photos

I’ve confessed earlier that there are ‘dull songs’ – not bad songs – from them. But the family was really smart. We can take “runaway”. The lyric is simple and cheesy. But they ‘covered’ it using awesome music. I don’t know, but in each song, there must be something special which make me failed to judge it as ‘bad creation’ or ‘not recommended one’.


#8. Their music and lyric never get old

Profil dan Fakta Lengkap The Corrs

I still listen to many recent singers such as Sami Yusuf, Ed Sheeran, Kelly Klarkson, Taylor Swift etc. I do appreciate them. Even I try to listen to Korean songs, because I’ve found out the likeable one. But there are always time when i’m back listening to The Corrs’ songs. I never get tired to enjoy it. Their works never get old. Humm… maybe I’m prefer into folk-rock-celtic-pop genre because of them.


#9. They taught us to be proud of our hometown

Home - The Corrs (Front) [2005]

Thanks to The Corrs, I think I like Irish music. From their first album, especially the last one, there must be ‘Irish touch’. Shockingly, I receive it. No, I expect it. Even I do want them to keep it and fortunately they make it. They blend the Ireland traditional music with the modern. They do it well. It’s too lovely not to love them. No wonder if their hometown would be proud of them.


#10. Young fans like me have so many friends

Fans ingin The Corrs reuni atau comeback sekarang

I’ve been writing about The Corrs; their profile, facts and song reviews in Indonesian language. I’m really happy because there are people who still search and read it, even request a song to be reviewed.

That’s why I’m sure there are many The Corrs’ fans out there. Proven, when I join The Corrs Fansclub on Facebook, the group is still active. When I tweet about The Corrs, there are people who retweeted or gave it ‘star mark’ (favorit). Or when I search about people whom cover their songs on Youtube, I find it easily. As well as the comments below The Corrs post. It’s still positive. I get so many ‘fans friends’ there. Old or young. Not rare as I thought. The Corrs’ hard fans are EVERYWHERE.


#11. They Will Be Back

The Corrs kembali, the corrs reuni

It’s my tweet (June, 7, 2015), one day before The Corrs confirmed their reunion [https://twitter.com/Dee_Ann_Rose/status/607529219174719489]

Perhaps I’m the ‘newbie or late fan’, but deep in my heart… I’m yearning for them to reunite. Here is the best news. As I said before, something that I could do to appreciate their great work is… writing down about them. I never imagine that they will comeback. Yes, I do hope. But I have no idea. Their comeback news ended up bad several times. But something that I like is… they always confirm it, especially Sharon.

Now is different. The news about The Corrs comeback has been confirmed. It’s official. The big day has not come yet, but it really makes my day. Many articles about their comeback are spread out. I can feel the fans enthusiasm. I also can see spirit of The Corrs. Andrea told her excited feeling, Jim shared their short videos when practicing, Sharon is busy retweeting something about their ‘sneak peek’ and Caroline, finally she joined twitter. 😀

That’s it my thought. I’m sorry for some mistakes or grammar errors. English is not my first language.

Well, I will not order whoever the readers to agree with mine. But all in all, The Corrs is really inspiring. I’m sure there are many people who still or always love The Corrs and anticipate their comeback. I’m also sure that there are many young people who start loving them. Right? #RD